Who We Are

Asia Cryptocurrency Commission has created an experienced team of specialists who have an extensive background in the crypto world and are constantly improving it and gaining new ones. We are an independent team of professionals who have come together to provide comprehensive assistance to each affiliated member to develop their potential and business ideas based on honest and effective trading techniques. The purpose of creating the Dispute Resolution Committee is to resolve any disputes or disagreements between the parties, as well as provide advice on crypto issues for further independent resolution. Our dispute resolution statistics show that we have achieved significant success and have been able to help both traders and brokers.

Our impeccable reputation is our calling card. That is why we are making every effort to create an accessible, independent, and useful platform for all participants in the crypto market. Another advantage is that we are happy to share up-to-date information with traders and brokers and provide the necessary assistance in the form of clear instructions. Our efforts will help you expand your horizons and achieve great success in the trading world.


Accepted Disputes with Successful Resolution


Days to Make a Fair and Final Judgment


Verified and Reliable Member-Brokers

Our Benefits

Dispute Resolution

The team of Asia Cryptocurrency Commission has the necessary experience to successfully resolve crypto disputes of any complexity arising between parties. Professionals are ready to ensure an investigation and a final decision on fair and transparent terms. Therefore, both parties to the conflict, broker and trader, will receive a qualified resolution of the situation, which is mandatory for execution.


Our team has brought together the best licensed brokers, practical specialists, and exchange experts with innovative ideas and views on the cryptocurrency market. They all share the same approach – delivering the highest standards by working seamlessly together to ensure your profits. Such an approach brings everyone a safe atmosphere to make informed trading decisions.


Our members are audited regularly to ensure they meet the high market standards we set. If we detect any violations by a member indicating fraudulent activity, we will immediately blacklist such member. The verification protocol is also constantly updated by our team to keep up with rapidly changing trading trends. If necessary, this confirmation process is also adapted to all changes in KYC policies.